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By signing up for one month access to My Massage Mentor, I agree to the following terms of use and the privacy policy as outlined on the My Massage Mentor website (mymassagementor.co.uk).
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All information provided and training provided is under LSM Clinic Ltd's copyright and members promise not to copy or share any of the information on this website with anyone who is not a paying member.
Katherine has created all this material at a significant time cost to herself, and at an expense to run the site, and she is making these trainings available to therapists at a very accessible price, and members will not take advantage of that by sharing with other therapists or individuals who are not paying members.
Unless specifically dedicated to be used (like the email templates) that members will not copy and use any of the wording or work in this website as their own.
No warranty or guarantee is made regarding the outcomes, financial or otherwise, that will occur as a result of using this site. All success is variable and very much down to an individual's own situation. Members understand that while the principles taught are generally true, not guarantee is made as to the outcomes a therapist will achieve by using the trainings in this site.
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